Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Big Pink Flags! sept 2011

We are back off our holiday in Spain, where we bathed in the sun, ate lots of seafood, swam in the pool/sea, played Kniffel (German version of Yatzee) and completed a very tricky Where's Wally puzzle.  It was great to spend some family time together.  One son has gone back to Uni with a full drum kit ( he is in Birmingham so I won't hear it!) the other son is taking a year out to recover from Chemo (hair is growing back and the effects of chemo are fading). Not sure the cat has quite forgiven us yet but has only bitten Mr P twice so far today so looking hopeful

Jaki and Becky have had a busy summer in the Park and have two new large pink flags to point the way.  We are currently making a cozy outside seating area so watch this space.

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