Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Is Spring Springing?

I am most probably over optimistic but have had a feeling spring is trying to arrive and therefore have found a spring in my step!  Not quite ready to bake with my back door open yet as the wind still whips through the kitchen, but loving the fact that I can finish with a glimmer of twilight still visible when I walk home.  Had a busy February half term with lots of our regular customers in for half term treats and shakes.  Mr P has been a star and kept up with brownie demand (even though we have diva fever when he muscles in on my kitchen space and leaves a fine film of cocoa powder over everything! Gggrrr! Still he is a master at work )

 We had a heaving Valentines day on a Tuesday with lots of you coming into buy sweet love tokens.  It is my Birthday the day before so usually miss out of being an important Birthday and Valentine girl! However this year had lots of friends, family and customers showering me with Birthday wishes, flowers and gifts so felt very special (I think last years temper tantrum was noted and paid off!)  Many thanks to Simon, Amelie and Lilly who baked me an Armenian nutmeg cake......yum!   Mr P and I went out for lunch with the family (baby bro, Ma and Pa) as a belated Birthday treat (my Pa's birthday is a week before mine) to the Countryman Inn in Shipley West Sussex and can recommend for good ale and food! http://www.countrymanshipley.co.uk/

Our Parklife kiosk is doing well in the hands of Jaki and Becky who have been whipping up soup delights such as Sweetcorn,Chilli and Chorizo,Chicken Noodle,Tomato and Basil to name a few.  Always good to warm up with a soup on a chilly day with one of our snugly blankets wrapped around you.  These are available at the kiosk and the shop in town, just ask for one if we don't offer first!  We have had our health inspection and have scored a 5 for both premises  (0 being terrible and 5 being very good!) which a testament to the hard work and passion of the team Parklife (we are all very proud).  Picture of Becky in the kiosk Homefield Park.
When we hit 1500 in our facebook group http://www.facebook.com/groups/8417598963/?notif_t=group_r2j we will give away a box of cupcakes to a member, so if you know anyone who loves their cake add them to the group!
All the new Saturday team have settled in really well and everything runs smoothly with a smile even when we have a queue out the door.   All the old Saturdays are still in touch and doing well at Uni etc.  Kelly who was with us a while ago is part of  GB Bobsleigh team.....go Kelly! http://www.bobteamgb.org/womenathletes/a/12/  ..... again we are very proud.
We have a new special on at the moment, the "Billy Goat's Grub" toastie.  Soft goats cheese with roasted courgette, aubergine,onion and peppers...I am addicted!  Anyway that is all for now
Mrs Parklife x
PS have to add a picture of the extremely daft cat who has taken to laying as close as possible on the radiator even though it is too hot for his paws!  I bought him a bed that you hang on the radiator.....will he sit on it? NO of course he won't!

Big Pink Flags! sept 2011

We are back off our holiday in Spain, where we bathed in the sun, ate lots of seafood, swam in the pool/sea, played Kniffel (German version of Yatzee) and completed a very tricky Where's Wally puzzle.  It was great to spend some family time together.  One son has gone back to Uni with a full drum kit ( he is in Birmingham so I won't hear it!) the other son is taking a year out to recover from Chemo (hair is growing back and the effects of chemo are fading). Not sure the cat has quite forgiven us yet but has only bitten Mr P twice so far today so looking hopeful

Jaki and Becky have had a busy summer in the Park and have two new large pink flags to point the way.  We are currently making a cozy outside seating area so watch this space.