Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Well hello! Mr P, the boys and I arrived back from our holiday at 6am on a Friday after a 4 hour flight from Turkey. We had spent a wonderful week relaxing, eating and drinking G and Ts. Poor Tiggy was left locked up in the house (better than being shipped off to the cattery) with radio 4 for company. He was definitely depressed when we returned but has finally forgiven us for leaving him behind. We left after attending the busy Findon Sheep fair event on Saturday 11Th September. A newer more efficient coffee machine in the little van meant that we were able to serve everyone who patiently queued for a good coffee which was as always made with love and care by Mr P. People were loving the cakes too as we sold out. I managed to slip spectacularly down the portaloo stairs in front of loo queue (NOT my most glamorous moment went down like a sack of spuds as my Dad would say). Staggered off through the crowds feeling shaky but otherwise unharmed (so I thought) and carried on with bruised pride. The next day it turned out the not only my pride was bruised but also my Cox sis, OUCH. Especially great if you have to sit on it for hours on a flight etc. Three and a half weeks later and still sore, if anyone has any helpful advice it would be very welcome.

Schools have been back for a few weeks and we have said goodbye to our Bryony who comes in during the holidays form Uni to help us out. Her sister Meg has joined us on a Saturday job sharing with Blossom. Sara and Nikki have also joined us during the week as Kelly has left us to join the GB Bobsleigh team and will be representing GB so watch out for her on TV. Allie has left to start her nurse training, we wish them both lots of luck and will miss them.

Sharna is expecting a baby in January 2011 which we are all very excited about. Happy Birthday Leah who has turned 18.

Skelly is back in the window for Halloween (our second favorite time of the year) and I have started to baked Halloween cakes at the weekend. I have also started to bake the dark and sticky chocolate gingerbread for the shop as well as taking Christmas orders (keeps really well for unexpected guests) and as always will have the Parklife sparkle treatment. If you would like to book one of these for collection or free delivery (Worthing area) for week commencing 20th up to and including Christmas eve please call the shop on 01903 207777 to book your slot to avoid disappointment.

You may have noticed Mr P is sporting a new facial hair design much to the amusement of all our regulars. I must say I like it as it is rather like having my husband switched to Spanish mode! (for those of you who have watched Toy Story 3)

Tiggy and I have been wandering the house a little lost as the Parklife twin sons have now left home to attend Uni. I managed to cry for 5 hours ALL the way home from dropping off one to Birmingham. Apologies to those who may have seen me wailing in the car (Mr P also was a little watery). I am glad to report that I have pulled myself together, decluttered their room, put loads of stuff on freecycle, only having the odd wobble when I see Birmingham on the BBC weather map in the morning. The other son is in Portsmouth so has the bonus of coming home ever now and then to stock with frozen home made dinners (I still can't stop cooking for 4!!).

Tiggy has new completion with a local cat called Basil (funny that is MR P's nick name, of course making me Sybil) after years of being the top cat of the block Tiggy is learning the hard way that he has lost that crown. He came in with a cut on his head which swelled up distorting his face (Mr P thought it hilarious and called it a pus helmet, poor baby). He has now fully recovered.
All for now, slow cooker retrieved from the back of the cupboard and logs ordered. Happy Autumn
Mrs P (or Sybil)