Tuesday, 27 July 2010

School's out for summer

Day 16 in the Parklife household without a day off only another 12 days to go! Mr P and I are feeling a little weary as have work through the last two Sunday attending the brilliant Kariorche event in the Steyne(live orchestra playing with us howling along) and the American hot rod car show. Mr P purchased a new hot pink gazebo so we stood out. I was also given some lovely new bunting which was hand made for us, so we certainly looked very snazzy.

School holidays are here at last which means Sharna is off for the duration and we have Bryony back from uni to help us along with the rest of the team. However Sharna is still popping in to make the rocky road and have her well deserved coffee fix. We have a new addition, the Parklife Love bar another yummy treat from our kitchen. As summer is here I am making lots of Raspberry cheese cake brownies.

As well as baking for our brides and grooms we have been asked to bake some cupcakes for Kerry Katona and Okay magazine! Needless to say we are really pleased :)

As the weather has been so warm I have had the back door open whilst in the kitchen. So far have managed to rescue two baby seagulls who fall of the roof and can't fly.
I have perfected the technique 1. tip toe up as close as possible 2. throw a tea towel over the head 3. grab and put in a box with a lid 4. Call WADERS who always come out and collect them. I rescued 3 last year. They are on the endangered list (though doing well in Worthing) as their numbers have dropped. I have to repeat this to myself when the wake me up at 4.00am

Mr P and Salty the resident Parklife seagull have been continuing their on going alpha male battle in Bath Place, and has resulted in Mr P being pooped on(hilarious to us but NOT to Mr P). However Salty mysteriously vanishes on a Saturday, team Parklife think he goes else where for better pickings and comes back on a Monday. He is officially the fattest seagull in town.

Becky and Jackie have given the kiosk in the Park a make over which everyone has commented on. Becky has even crotchet little butterflies.

All for now Mrs P x