Monday, 28 June 2010

It is HOT! The cat is too hot, the car is too hot, the kitchen is too hot. The only two places that aren't are in the cafe (air con) or in the sea, which is where we spent most of the day on Sunday. Lots of friends and family joined us at our beach hut for a great day of BBQ and swimming. I am enjoying our twin boys company who are back from uni for the summer. The radio came out for the football and scores were updated to those swimming in the sea via hand signals. Mr P then impressed everyone with his unicycling(see pic) though there were some painful moments!

Mr P and I were released from the shop on Friday(thank you Sharna,Tanya, Helen, Allie, and Bryony) to go to the Cafe culture exhibition in London. We decided to take old classic car as it was a nice jolly. It was okay driving along in 27 degrees with the windows open wind in our hair( in Mr P's case wind on his head), however when we hit Chelsea the old car decided it was too hot and started to get hotter. Relieved to make it to London Olympia all in one piece we spent the day looking at all the coffee stands and watching the world barista championships. It good for us to know that we are supplying and making the best coffee we can for you all.

The shop has been so busy in the good weather and this weekend will be my busiest in two years with cakes! We are now making coke/cream soda floats which are proving really popular. For the Wimbledon fortnight we are serving fresh strawberries and cream.
All for now
Mrs P x

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